Amy Jackson introduces her new boyfriend, kissing with tongues.

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British model Amy Jackson is familiar to the Telugu audience. Amy Jackson, who acted opposite Ram Charan in the movie ‘Evadu’, is currently staying in London. Meanwhile, Amy was in the news for dating British businessman George Panayiotou. She also had a child with him out of wedlock. However, Amy said goodbye to George Panayiotou a few years after the birth of the child. Currently, the actress is dating Hollywood star, Ed Westwick. Amy Jackson shared romantic photos of her new boyfriend with her fans through social media.

Amy Jackson, who moved from Britain to Mumbai due to opportunities in Indian movies, stayed here from 2012 to 2015. However, Amy, who fell in love with British hotelier George Panayotou, left for London again in 2015. Amy, who has been dating him ever since, gave birth to a son on September 19, 2019. However, they got separated three years after the birth of their son.

Secretly Dating Ed Westwick
Amy Jackson, who has been looking for a new boyfriend for years after breaking up with George, has been romantically dating actor Ed Westwick. There has been much news about their romance. But Amy never responded to them. After all, they confirmed their relationship on Valentine’s Day. She shared romantic photos saying ‘Happy Valentine’s Day Baby’.

Smooching with tongues
Rumors have been doing the rounds for a few days that Amy Jackson is dating Ed Westwick. Amy Jackson shared photos on social media making the rumors true and making her romance with Ed Westwick public. Some of these photos are very romantic. In particular, both of them were seen smooching with their tongues in one photo.

Khamara Raa Babu..!
Rather than acting in movies, Amy has become closer to the audience with her hot posts on social media. Indian audience started trolling Amy after she shared her love, having a baby out of wedlock and bikini photos on Instagram. Now some people are commenting that this is Kharmara Babu after introducing a new boyfriend and sharing pictures of him kissing with tongues.

Amy Jackson’s Instagram post

Introduction to British nobility
Amy Jackson, who was born and brought up in Britain, entered the Indian film industry through the Tamil movie ‘Madrasapattinam’. Arya is the hero in this movie and Amy Jackson is playing the role of a British aristocrat. She was introduced to the Telugu audience with the movie ‘Evadu’. And with the movie ‘I’ directed by Shankar, it became closer to the Telugu audience. Amy Jackson was last seen in Shankar-Rajinikanth’s ‘2.0’.