AP MLC Elections: CM Jagan master stroke for Chandrababu.

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AP MLC Elections: Andhra Pradesh politics is fully heated. Already the election rush is visible in all the parties. Even though the general assembly elections are still more than a year away, there is a feeling in all the parties that the elections will be held today. With this, there is a special discussion on Jumping Japan. But it seems that this threat is mostly for the ruling YCP. Because it is being spread that more than 35 MLAs will not be given tickets again. They are all already taking care of their own way. Already Anam Rama Narayana Reddy. Kotam Reddy Sridhar Reddy voiced his contempt for the leadership. Signals are also given that the cycle is going up. There is a rumor that some other key leaders will ride a bicycle on their way. But at the same time, CA Jagan Mohan Reddy is trying to give a master stroke to TDP and as part of this, he is slandering the key leaders of that party. Not just inviting them to the party. They are given key responsibilities.

The MLC election, which is considered to be the semi-final for the next assembly elections, has been called. It is expected that it will be known through this election, especially for the urban voters. As part of this, all major parties have taken this election very seriously. Strategy counter strategies are written with the goal of winning. CM Jagan took another step forward and announced MLC’s offer to TDP key leader Jayamangalam. It seems that the post of MLC has been assured in the quota of MLAs from the West Godavari district.

With the addition of Jayamangala Venkataramana, the leadership feels that the YCP will become stronger in Kaikaluru. CM Jagan invited former TDP MLA Jayamangala Venkata Raman who joined YCP with a party scarf. On this occasion, Jamamangala Venkataramana said that he gave up business in 1999 and entered politics. He said that he got an opportunity as a ZPTC in TDP. At that time he had close relations with the then CM YS Rajasekhar Reddy. But in 2009 TDP MLA ticket was given.

But he said that he was given a ticket like a deer was placed between two tigers in front of two big leaders. He said that he won in 2009 by working hard. He said that everyone thought that he would win in 2014 and he also thought that he would get a majority of 40,000. Chandrababu who was going to nominate him in the 2014 elections, said that the alliance with the BJP had been formed. Venkaiah Naidu convinced Chandrababu to withdraw the nomination. But after TDP wins, an MLC ticket will be given. But he said that he was not given the post of MLC after seeing his eyes burning for five years.

He expressed his grief that despite being in charge of Kaikaluru, he was trampled like a scorpion under a shoe. Kamineni, who had served as a minister, withdrew from contesting the 2019 elections. They will give me a seat in the 2019 elections like sacrificing a lamb to Poleramma. He said that after creating rumors that TDP will win the 2024 elections, they have again spread the word that various people will come. It is said that many people like Pinnamaneni, Kamineni, Konakalla will come.

But he said that he joined YCP with the intention of doing good for the poor if he came to Jagan. He said that Jagan has already promised him an MLC and he is indebted to Jagan for that. Just like YS, Jagan is also doing good for the poor.