Pattabhiram Arrest: What are the cases registered against Pattabhi?

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Pattabhiram Arrest: In the wake of tensions in Gannavaram, TDP leader Pattabhiram, who was arrested, was produced by the police in the court. Along with him, 14 others were produced before the judge. Pattabhiram’s wife Chandana warned that if anything happens to him, he will commit suicide in front of the DGP’s office.

TDP National Spokesperson Kommareddy Pattabhiram’s missing mystery is over. It is known that the TDP office in Gannavaram of Krishna district was attacked on Sunday… It is known that the TDP accused the followers of MLA Vallabhaneni Vamsi to have carried out the attack. Protesting the attack, TDP ranks reached the Gannavaram office in large numbers. The TDP leaders said that the police arrested Pattabhiram who was there at that time and took him away in his car. Police did not give any information about the whereabouts of the arrested on Sunday. The arrest was not officially announced. With this… TDP ranks and his family members expressed concern.

In the background of this matter becoming a topic of discussion…. Finally the mystery of the police was opened. 14 TDP leaders including Kommareddy Pattabhiram were produced in Gannavaram court. At Gannavaram police station, medical examination was conducted for all. According to CI Kanaka Rao’s complaint that Pattabhi.. TDP leaders insulted him in the name of caste.. and tried to cause danger to his life… cases have been registered against TDP leaders under the attempt to murder and atrocity sections. Cases have been filed against 13 others including Pattabhini as A1… A-2 as Chinna…

Heavy police presence was arranged at the court. After learning about the matter, the TDP leaders reached the Gannavaram court and started protesting. Instead of arresting those who vandalized the party office, they accused them of registering cases against their own party leaders. In this order, TDP leaders got into an argument with the police. They demanded that those who attacked the Gannavaram TDP office should be arrested and punished.

His wife Chandana alleged that the police brutally tortured her husband Pattabhiram. She said that her husband was beaten up by three masked men in Thotlavallur police station. Pattabhi said that she was never seen in such a state of concern. Whatever happened to her husband, the government is responsible. He warned that if anything happens to Pattabhi, he will commit suicide in front of AP DGP’s house. They are accused of doing all these things to become top police officers. When Pattabhi’s wife Chandana, TDP leaders and women activists tried to go to Gannavaram, the police stopped them.

The TDP alleged that Pattabhiram, who had gone to Gannavaram after learning about the attack on the TDP office, was implicated in illegal cases on the orders of Tadepalli Palace. She was beaten and tortured in police custody. She criticized that Raja Reddy’s constitution is running completely in AP… Democracy is dead.