Yuvagalam 300Km: Nara Lokesh completed the 300 km journey

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Yuvagalam 300Km TDP leader Nara Lokesh unveiled a plaque at Thodamanupuram village on the completion of 300km Yuvagalam Padayatra. They promised to set up a drinking water scheme to satisfy the thirst of 13 villages within 100 days of TDP coming to power. Nara Lokesh Yatra is going on by showing a solution to a problem every hundred kilometers.

Yuvagalam 300 km The Yuvagalam Padayatra undertaken by TDP National General Secretary Nara Lokesh has completed 300km. Nara Lokesh said that the YCP government is moving ahead overcoming obstacles at every step.

Saying that every step taken in the yatra is for the people, Lokesh is doing development work every hundred kilometers. They are showing a solution to a problem that the locals are facing. In Thondamanupuram Panchayat of Srikalahasti Constituency, the walk reached the milestone of 300 kilometers.

Nara Lokesh announced that he will set up a Rakshita Dhani scheme to satisfy the hunger of 13 villages within the panchayat within 100 days of the TDP government coming to power. The villagers of Challapalem, Venkatapuram, Subbanaidu Kandriga, Thondamanadu, Cherlopalli, Ammapalayam, Kothapalem, Munna Samudram, Bokkasam Palem, Siddhaiah Gunta, Marlapaku, Rachagunneri, and Maddiledu are facing drinking water problems even though the river is flowing from the side of the village. On learning this information, Nara Lokesh decided to walk 300 km. Majili promised that he would establish a drinking water scheme to remember for a long time and provide irrigation to every house.

Lokesh, who spoke to the farmers who were spraying pesticides in the paddy field in Thondamanadu village, said that the farmers complained that the amount of pesticides and fertilizers from the seed has increased tremendously. He explained that we are suffering serious losses due to fake seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides. They are going to go away feeling that there is no affordable price for the harvested crop.

Speaking to the farmers, Lokeshrai expressed his anger that they are bringing a kingdom without farmers. If we use insecticides, the insects will not die. He claimed that worms will definitely be killed if Jagan brand alcohol is drunk. He said that the investment has increased tremendously and there is no remunerative price for the harvested crop. He asked what happened to the price stabilization fund with 3500 crores. He said that as soon as the TDP government comes, they will provide quality seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides, and steps will be taken to reduce investment.