Teacher’s extra-marital affair, husband caught red-handed.

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Husband exposes extramarital affair between two teachers. He was caught red-handed and handed over to the police.

The incident took place in Mangapet Mandal on Tuesday morning. According to the teacher’s husband and locals, a teacher working at ZP High School in Mandal Kendra had an extra-marital relationship with another teacher for some time. The teacher’s husband is working as an AR constable at Mahabubabad district headquarters.

With this, the teacher, who lives in a rented house with her daughter, became close to Nagender, a teacher who had already left two wives and was living alone. When he comes and goes on holidays, he gets suspicious because he neglects to pay attention to his husband and he gets to know the truth through his daughter. He complained about this to the school HM two months ago. He sternly warned Nagender to stay away from his wife. The responding authorities sent the teacher on deputation to another school.

However, Nagender continued to have an extramarital affair with the teacher. In this order, the teacher’s husband, a constable, went to Vemulawada on the 18th of this month on Shivratri Bandobastu duty. As Monday was a holiday, he came to see his wife and daughter staying in Mangapet. Around 2 midnight, Nagender called the teacher’s cell and the husband picked up. Nagender said, ‘Keep the door open when I come.’

Thinking that his suspicion was true, the husband opened the door and hid in the bathroom. When Nagender entered the house, his wife and Nagender, who was sleeping, tried to attack him. He got scared and came out of the house and told the neighbors. In the morning, the two were bound with ropes and handed over to the police.