The bride was shown the first night of heaven when he woke up.

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First Night: A man dreams of marrying a well-educated girl. He married a girl on the advice of his friends, thinking that she was an educated young woman who would take care of the children born.

The bride goes to her husband’s house and makes halwa herself for the husband and his family members. They were very sad to see their daughter-in-law.

On the same night, Sobhanam showed heaven to her husband who went into the room. The next morning, the newly wedded son woke up and was shocked. The new bride was shocked to know that the movie was showing. He and his family members were also shocked.

A young man named Neeraj Kumar lives in a village under Chiketa Police Station of Muzaffarnagar District in Uttar Pradesh, Neeraj Kumar is a farmer. Neeraj Kumar has a lot of money and assets.

Neeraj Kumar has been telling his friends that he wants to marry a beautiful, educated woman. On that occasion, Neeraj Kumar’s friends Sanjay and Amit who live in Haridwar told him that they know a girl who lives there and advise him to marry her as she is very good.

Neeraj Kumar listened to his friends and went with his family members to see Rekha, a woman residing in Haridwar. There Rekha’s family members and Neeraj Kumar’s family members discussed the marriage. Neeraj Kumar and Rekha’s wedding took place on 24th January in Haridwar itself as the marriage negotiations came to fruition.

Neeraj Kumar, the groom who married Rekha in Haridwar, gifted Rs 1 lakh to his friends Amit and Sanjay who performed the wedding ceremony. After the wedding, Neeraj Kumar along with the bride Rekha reached his hometown. All the villagers told Neeraj Kumar’s family members that the couple was adorable.

Sobhanam arranged for the newly wedded couple. Bride Rekha made halwa with her own hands for groom Neeraj Kumar’s family that day. In that halwa, bride’s daughter Rekha mixed intoxicant in advance and gave it to husband Neeraj Kumar and all his family members and relatives.

As it was the first night on the same day, Rekha showed heaven to her husband Neeraj Kumar for some time. After that, Neeraj Kumar, the new bridegroom who took drugs, snored and fell asleep. Neeraj Kumar’s family members also ate halwa on the day of Sobhanam and slept till the next morning in a state of unconsciousness.

Neeraj Kumar and his family members were shocked when the bride’s Rekha was not seen the next morning. Neeraj’s family members were distraught as the jewelery and money in the house along with Rekha disappeared.

The groom Neeraj Kumar’s family, who recovered from unconsciousness, were shocked to know the truth about Rekha. Even after searching the neighborhood, Rekha was nowhere to be found. Neeraj Kumar immediately went to Rekha’s house in Haridwar, thinking that he would lose his reputation if he informed the police.

But they were shocked to know that Rekha had already vacated the house and left. Since then, Neeraj Kumar, his family members and relatives have been searching for Rekha. Rekha’s marriage turns out to be a money drama.

22 days after this incident Neeraj Kumar filed a case in the police station to arrest and punish Rekha and her gang who cheated us. According to Neeraj Kumar’s complaint, the police have registered a case against Amit, Sanjay and Rekha and are actively searching for them.