The good news for railway passengers is to travel in sleeper berth with a general train ticket.

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Good news for railway passengers. Indian Railways has taken another important decision for the convenience of passengers.

Those taking general tickets and traveling in general bogies can travel in a sleeper coach on the same ticket. However, this facility is available to Railway Passengers only in some special cases. Generally, general coaches in Indian trains are always jammed. This rush is even more during the festive season. There will be no place for passengers to sit. Only in sleeper coaches the berths are found empty. Indian Railways intends to use these vacant berths.

When the berths in the sleeper coach are vacant, it is common for the passengers to think that some passengers can be shifted from the crowded general bogie to the sleeper berth. This is not possible under the existing rules. That’s why Indian Railways is slightly modifying these rules. Indian Railways intends to allocate berths in sleeper coaches to general category passengers.

Indian Railways has collected details of trains running with less than 80 percent occupancy in sleeper coaches. It is known that general bogies are always crowded. So some passengers in general coaches are allowed in the vacant sleeper berths.

According to the existing rules, passengers holding general tickets are not allowed to travel in sleeper coaches. Do not enter sleeper coaches even if there are empty seats. Passengers will have to pay a penalty if they do so. But, now that problem will not exist. The railway department is allowing general ticket passengers in sleeper coaches.

In winter and summer, railway passengers book more third AC and second AC berths instead of sleeper coaches. Due to this, there are huge vacancies in sleeper coaches. That is why Indian Railways is allotting non-reserved berths in sleeper coaches to general ticket holders. This means that the passengers who have taken general ticket can get the experience of traveling in sleeper coaches. However, railway passengers with general ticket have to travel in sleeper coach with the permission of TTE.

UIDAI alert for Aadhaar card holders to update these details. This small change will solve the occupancy problem of the Railways besides being convenient for the passengers. But at present this facility is not available in all railway zones. Indian Railways is providing this facility experimentally only in some railway zones. Eastern Central Railway said that this facility has been provided in almost all major trains in Bihar.