Wipro slashed salary offers to freshers by almost 50%.

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Employees’ union NITES termed Wipro’s move to slash salary offers to freshers awaiting onboarding by nearly 50 per cent as “unfair” and “unacceptable”, demanding that the IT company reconsider its decision.

Market observers say Wipro’s decision reflects global macroeconomic uncertainty and challenges in the demand environment for tech companies.

Bengaluru-headquartered IT services major, Wipro, recently contacted candidates who had earlier offered an offer of ₹ 6.5 lakh per annum (LPA) and asked them whether an offer of ₹ 3.5 in annual compensation was acceptable. them, instead. These candidates are reportedly waiting to be onboarded. IT sector employees’ union NITES condemned the move, saying the decision was “unfair” and “contrary to the principles of fairness and transparency”. NITES demanded that the management reconsider its decision and hold meaningful talks with the union to find a mutually beneficial solution.

In a recent communication to candidates who successfully completed the Velocity training program, Wipro said: “Like others in our industry we continue to assess global economies and customer needs. We appreciate your commitment and patience as it factors into our hiring plans. Identify opportunities that reach out to you.” Wipro said, “Currently we have certain Project Engineer roles available for recruitment with an annual compensation of ₹ 3.5 lakh. We would like to offer all our Velocity graduates in the FY23 batch an opportunity to opt for these roles.” When contacted on the issue, Wipro said in response to an emailed query: “Given the changing macro environment and our business requirements as a result, we have had to adjust our onboarding plans.” “As we work to honor all outstanding offers, this current offer creates an immediate opportunity for candidates to launch their careers, develop their skills and acquire new skills – through the interesting and innovative work we do and our extensive practice. and development initiatives,” Wipro said.

Wipro said it is committed to the growth and success of all its employees and looks forward to welcoming this new group of recent graduates. Meanwhile, IT sector employees’ union NITES (Nascent Information Technology Employees Senate) has strongly condemned Wipro’s “unethical” move of reducing the salaries of employees awaiting joining from a package of Rs 6.5 lakh per annum to Rs 3.5 lakh per annum.

“The decision to reduce the salaries of employees without prior consultation and discussion is not only unfair, but against the principles of fairness and transparency. It is unacceptable to place the burden of the company’s financial woes entirely on the shoulders of the company’s employees,” NITES President Harpreet Singh Saluja said. NITES demanded that the management reconsider its decision and hold meaningful talks with the union to find a mutually beneficial solution.