YS Sharmila: I apologize if Hijras are offended by my words.

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YSRTP president YS Sharmila said that there is a need to impose President’s rule in Telangana state and she will meet the Governor on President’s rule.

Sharmila visited Congress Party leader Thota Pawan, who is undergoing treatment at Apollo Hospital, Secunderabad. Talked to the doctors and inquired about Pawan’s health condition.

Speaking on this occasion, she severely criticized the behavior of the state government. They said that the state is ruled by rowdies and that the police are acting in a BRS-friendly manner. Sharmila asked if they would attack the opposition parties.

He said that if the opposition parties speak on behalf of the people, it will be seen as a crime by the state government. The doctors said that Pawan, who was injured by BR’s goons, will take time to recover and said that those who attacked Pawan will be cursed by Pawan’s mother.

Sharmila reminded me that she was also attacked during her padayatra and was attacked in Narsampeta and Mahabubabad and the padayatra was stopped. Sharmila expressed anger at the behavior of the police saying that the state is not friendly with the police BRS-friendly police running.

Y.S. It is known that hijras are protesting against Sharmila in Warangal town. In Mahabubabad, they are angry with Sharmi for making comments to humiliate them.

Hijras demanded that Sharmila take back her comments and apologize. Sharmila responded to their concern. He said that this child of Rajasekhar Reddy will seek forgiveness if Hijras are offended by my words.

Sharmila said that it is my responsibility to support Hijras after YSRTP comes to power.